At New City Church, we believe that collaboration across a broad network of partners is essential for the development and restoration of the city. We are pleased to be working closely with partners across the city who are all investing significantly in the common good.

Memorial Park Church
The Mission of Memorial Park Church is to invite people into a life-changing and ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Coalition for Christian Outreach
The CCO is a campus ministry that partners with churches, colleges and other organizations to develop men and women who live out their Christian faith in every area of life.

Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership
Formed by Downtown businesses, professionals, civic organizations, foundations, and residents, the PDP develops and implements innovative programs and initiatives to enhance the Downtown neighborhood. We also promote and market this great urban center to millions of people as the region’s premier destination to do business, to call home, or to visit for the best in shopping, dining and entertainment. The PDP also stands as staunch advocates for all those who make Downtown part of their lives—from businesses to workers to residents.

Serving Leaders
Serving Leaders envisions leaders working together to transform their cities into places of truth, beauty, goodness, justice and human flourishing. To this end, we equip, connect and mobilize leaders to serve in every sphere of influence for the cultivation and restoration of their city and the world.

Hearts & Minds
What distinguishes Hearts & Minds most is their enthusiasm for the development of a uniquely Christian worldview where Christ’s Lordship is honored and lived out in relevant ways in the midst of our highly secularized, post-modern culture. They serve business folk, scientists, artists, college students, moms, dads (and kids!), pastors, poets and politicos. We share their belief that Biblical faith leads to “thinking Christianly” about every area of life.

Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Our name describes us well. The EPC is both evangelical and Presbyterian. We are evangelical in our zeal for the Gospel, as well as, evangelism, missions and living obediently as followers of Jesus.